Studio Cerebral

Cerebral Studios began in 1982 when the online world began as Bulletin Board Services (BBS) which meant one computer would physically call a modem number connected to another computer. I started the original BBS List for Dallas Fort Worth Texas, which was eventually featured in local and national magazines for computer hobbyists. When the Internet (called World Wide Web at the time) began, I started our first website based in HTML. I got very busy making websites for companies as the “big new thing” As I transitioned later into a flash based website, I had an issue with our hosting provider, and lost the name “Cerebral Studios” which was grabbed up by someone else. We then became Studio Cerebral! In June of 2014, I regained our original name, and this website is the result.

Studio Cerebral also became well known for my work with music, musicians, recording, producing and mastering. I also dabbled professionally in film and animation.

I now do most websites in WordPress, and these are well known in Social Media. My “brands” expanded to include my music work (recording, producing and playing), film and illustration/animation work, record labels, charity causes, and more. This is all represented in the menu above, I hope you enjoy the links there!

Mark Robbins