What does it mean to be happy?

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November 9, 2014 – Host Ashley Berges
149: What does it mean to be happy?
What does it mean to be happy? I realize, for some listeners, this question may seem simplistic but is it? If happiness was sold on the black market, it would sell for more than anything. Happy is: Honest, Authentic, Present, Purpose, and Young (at heart.) Ashley delves deep into the concept of intimacy with yourself and in all of your relationships, and how the 5 facets of Happy must be in place within your life to be truly happy. Listen and find true joy and happiness in your life now!

November 3, 2014 – Host Ashley Berges
148: Honesty and happiness without the yuck factor
How to get straight up honesty and raw happiness out of life without experiencing the yuck factor. We deal with the yuck factor on a daily basis when we take things people do personally. A large percentage of the population are dealing with a life issue that clouds their mind, and is exposed through their actions, attitudes, and outward demeanor. If you knew the issues people are currently suffering, you could understand why someone reacts the way they do. Ashley gives advice to listeners on Twitter and Facebook who are currently struggling with a life situation.

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