Stop Taking Things Personally

Perspectives With Ashley BergesSERIES: Stop Taking Things Personally


May 17, 2014 – Host Ashley Berges
#103: Stop taking things personally.
Perspectives explores compliments and insults and how to stop taking what others say and do personally? Do compliments mean a lot to you? Do you judge yourself based on what others say about you? Ashley offers her secret techniques and strategies for ending the people pleasing cycle and begin living your true life.

May 19, 2014 – Host Ashley Berges
#104: Insults are head games
Insults just like compliments are conjured in the mind of the person speaking them and they’re formed by one’s perception of you. Sometimes people may hate you only because you look like or remind them of someone from their past. Because most of us are people pleasers, Ashley gives her 10-Day Challenge techniques for ending the pleasing cycle and begin living your true life.

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