Individual Shows 2015

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248: The one who got away
247: Don’t hold yourself back!
246: The 4 People you should never have sex with
245: Bare necessities and desires, what defines you?
244:No More Vacations from Hell!
243: Turn Life’s Noise Down!
242: Wake Up!
241: Why do we compare our marriage or relationship to other couples?
240: You are your worst enemy
239: Can you be friends with your ex?
238: How much arguing in marriage is healthy?
237: Stranger Danger and meeting new people
236: Secrets to a happy marriage
235: Live your dream guilt free
234: Kid views on social media
233: Are you having sex with a borderline?
232: Take Off The Earmuffs
231: Are you on a relationship roller coaster?
230: In a relationship with a borderline?
229: My actions, attitudes, and beliefs shape the world around me!
228: How do you handle your birthday?
227: Infidelity and the Prayer for Boredom
226: Are you understood?
225: The psychology of politics: The Stress Factor
224: Are you in danger of a midlife crisis?
223: Six Reasons people have affairs
222: What keeps you up at night?
221: DMT & the Soul of Prophecy
220: Why do people have affairs?
219: How to distance yourself from a toxic friend.
218: The 4 warning signs that indicate you’re in a toxic relationship
217: What’s Your Marriage Score
216: The 4 biggest Marital Pitfalls
215: Has life hardened you?
214: Marriage and Affairs: What goes on behind closed doors?
213: Life after break up
212: Married and bored or single and lonely?
211:Dealing with drama?
210: Are you love with two people at once?
209: Got personal boundaries?
208: Feeling overwhelmed?
207: The idea of being in a relationship
206: Are you in sync?
205: What roadblocks get in the way of real and honest happiness?
204: Find your self worth now
203: What’s the right age to find true love?
202: Expectations get in the way
201: Universal Truths
200: Your New Life Mantra

199: People’s driving patterns offers insight into life
198: First date reveals all

197: I’m Every Woman: Personal Power
196: Networking
195: Are you racing through life?
194: Five Plans to be truly happy
193: Truly Happy You
192: Do you hold back with your love?
191: What is your world outlook?
190: What is your lifestyle?
189: Healthy habits for creating a more authentic life
188: Authenticity is a component of being truly healthy

187: Everything was good and now it’s not – March 8, 2015

186: Living a unique life is a daring life – March 7, 2015
185: Eating & drinking healthy – March 4, 2015
184: Be healthy by being honest – March 4, 2015
183: What does it mean to be truly healthy in 2015 – March 3, 2015
182: Why do people walk out of our lives? Better yet, why do we fight it? – February 28, 2015
181: The Truth about Miscarriage – February 27, 2015

180: All Good – February 24, 2015
179: Hush little inner critic – February 22, 2015
178: Your Inner Critic Sucks – February 20, 2015
177: Timing is the soundtrack of life – February 15, 2015
176: Valentine’s Day, mean anything to you? – February 13, 2015
175:Timing is to relationships as music is to films
174: What’s your past doing for you?
173: Ground Hog Day
172: Creation: How do we create something of value?
171: Waiting for the other shoe to drop
170: Super Bowl mimics real life
169: Synchronicity: Get your life in sync
168: Superheroes and the Supernatural
167: Life’s Little Instruction Book
166: You create your own reality
165: Stop trying to save people and get real with yourself
164: Stop Drop and Roll – January 4, 2015
163: Alpha and Omega of Toxic Relationships