Individual Shows 2014

Perspectives With Ashley BergesThe links below will take you to a page where you can purchase a specific show of Ashley Berges Perspectives, either on CD or on a USB (Flash) drive. The newest show is the top link and is ordered newest to older shows. Each link takes you to a page where Ashley describes each show! Own Ashley Berges Perspectives shows to play anywhere, at any time you want!



162: WINNING – December 28, 2014
161: Bright like a diamond in 2015 – December 27, 2014
160: Risky Business – December 21, 2014
159: Holiday Survival Edition – December 21, 2014
158: Singled out? – December 15, 2014
157: Death and Dismemberment – December 14, 2014
156: Black Friday Cyber Monday Syndrome
155: Farm to Fame
154: How to truly give thanks
153: Slow your roll
152: What makes you authentically healthy?
151: How can you live authentically in this world?
150: Politics as usual
149: What does it mean to be happy?
148: Honesty and happiness without the yuck factor
147: Do you have perspective?
146: Are people getting smarter or dumber?
145: Have you been homogenized?
144: Intent, Purpose and NO
143: Are you in your own way?
142: Self worth and social media, can you have both?
141: Can you trust the news?
140: How to know when it’s not right
139: Pioneer or Prisoner
138: Do you have poor body self image?
137: Find your purpose now!
136: Six factors of domestic abuse
135: Mom was right, TV rots the brain
134: How many contacts do you have in your phone?
133: Why do you care what others do?
132: The Father Factor
131: Are you barely holding on?130: The four most unhealthy life pattterns
129: Is money the root of all evil?
128: Are you in denial?
127: Love is and Love is not
126: Fight, Fuss and Argue
125: First Meeting Reveals All
124: You’re Connected!
123: What is your situation?
122: Split Second Decisions: Good or Bad
121: You’ve been typecast
120: Do you share bad milk?
119: How to achieve synchronicity in your life
118: Energy and your environment
117: Levels and Dimensions of Learning
116: Opportunity is Knocking
115: Change, how well do you deal?
114: Human Conditioning 101
113: Who to distance yourself from
112: Love and Marriage
111: What are your mind-made limitations?
110: What is love?
109: Create solid personal belief
108: You can soar!
107: Put an end to common daily misunderstandings
106: Put an end to misunderstandings
105: Create lasting personal belief in you!
104: Insults are head games
103: Stop taking things personally
102: Secrets to clear communication
101: Information Overload
100: Don’t fear the differences in others, instead embrace them
99: How often do you take things for granted?
98: Originality
97: Do you want a life do-over?
96: Telling the Truth
95: Jump the Hump
94: You can be happy too
93: Reinvent yourself today
92: Next time the unexpected happens, do this!
91: Rectify the misunderstandings in your relationships
90: Are you missing the big picture?